Primtone Teether

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In partnership with Prim Society, these fun Color Swatch Teether Toy features our exclusive brand colors! Made with organic cotton and denim fabric to provide just the right touch of soothing texture to that aching mouth (when it’s not wide open and wailing, amirite?)

We can’t promise a miracle, but when Drool Level hits 110%, reach for this soothing teether for your littles’ relief from emerging teeth and sore gums.This toy comes with 3 swatches – Chartreuse, Midnight, and Ocean, with crinkle material sewn in that babies love. They are printed with a latex free ink and each are bound with an organic maple ring that will help to sooth teething gums. A bright plastic ring clips them all together and makes it easy to attach to your car seat, tummy time mat, or even a carrier for drool on the go.

Recommended age is 0-18 months, but you’ll really put it through its’ paces with the onset of those first teeth between 4 and 7 months. Follow Elyse @primsociety on Instagram