Full Heart Stuffed Pairs

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These Full Heart Stuffed Pairs are made from beautifully soft, yet sturdy 12 oz fabric. Locally sourced and composed of 88% Natural Cotton and 12% Natural Rayon Fabric, you won’t have to worry when the corners get chewed on. Our watchful Mamas are perfect as an accent pillow, the key to that idea Instagram baby shot, and a great prop for those long nursing sessions. Inquisitive Baby is ready for anything, designed to become your Little’s best friend, one adventure at a time in those sticky little hands.  
Buy individually or keep the family together as a pair. Perfect for shower gifts, to celebrate the arrival of a new Little, or to commiserate with those 4th trimester and beyond Mamas who could use a little extra hand.
Proudly made in the USA in collaboration with Forest and Fin and Port City Sewing Factory.
88% Natural Cotton / 12% Natural Rayon Fabric. Rayon is a manufactured fabric made of wood pulp, a naturally-occurring, cellulose-based raw material.
Mama Bear
12.5″ w x 15″ T x  4″ Thick
Baby Cub
11″ W x 7″ H x 4″ Thick
(great size for Toddlers’ busy explorations)
Mama Owl
12″ W x 14″ T x 5″ Thick
Baby Owlet
4.5″ W x 7″ T x  3″ Thick
(perfect for Baby’s tiny little hands)
Recommended care
Spot Clean recommended, only machine wash in those super messy situations, as some filling shifting may occur. You'll need use a little TLC to fluff out these Stuffies to maintain a cozy, overstuffed look.
Air Dry, preferably in bright sun. (But don’t forget your sunblock if you decide to hang out with a book and watch them dry!)