The full size bed

Hey now ~ Your baby really isn’t a ‘baby’ anymore! Congratulations, maybe now they can actually make themselves a snack! Our full size bed has been thoughtfully designed down to rounded edges for just one less bruise on those already grass stained shins.

The full size bed


In Barely White or Midnight Black, our full size bed will get you through to the college goodbyes! Made durable and tough enough for those times when (while we don’t recommend it) the inevitable jumping on the bed party happens!

Note: If you have previously purchased the crib, you only need the Full size bed conversion kit

Black BedWhite Bed

Product Details

Human centered design

Soft edges for safety and comfort. Carefully considered and built for easy use during those middle of the night wake up calls.

Perfect Fit

​​Sized to fit a standard full size bed with room for easy tucking in and changing of sheets. Can’t guarantee the bed will be made though!

Easy clean up

Low maintenance–just wipe it down with a wet cloth, it’s that simple.

You won’t find any

  • Particle Board
  • MDF
  • Dangerous materials
  • Off-gassing finishes
  • Harsh chemicals
  • Fillers or fake stuff, it’s all real

Quality & Trust

Sustainably harvested materials, including both FSC-certified premium hardwood and plywood.

Featured materials

Kiln-dried North American maple and walnut sourced locally to our Central Pennsylvania maker. Both upcycled resources and suppliers guaranteeing responsible forest management as certified by FSC Chain of Custody documentation.

Positive paints & varnishes

Organic paints and varnishes, produced in South Carolina, that are truly non-toxic, zero VOC, no odor, and non-latex. 


Made in the USA. Built using ethical practices by highly-skilled craftsmen paid and protected under fair labor practices.


Paint: barely white & midnight black


79.1875” L x 54.875” W x 33.6875” H


Comfortably fits a US standard full size mattress 54 inches wide by 74 inches long (this mattress size is also known as a double) with room for making the bed with tucked ends.

Safety first

Approved by a JPMA-certified Third-Party Test Lab, ASTM and CPSC compliant.

Part of CG-1 Modular System

With our modern heritage look, the CG-1 will fit with any style home, becoming the cornerstone of many unforgettable memories. Built to last, with durable materials and finishes, your next furniture purchase won’t be until sending them off to college!


The crib

With 3 mattress heights, our crib is built to grow with your little one through the stages. Made from materials that will withstand the beautiful mess of growing up, while seamlessly fitting into your nest.


Toddler bed topper

Your baby isn’t really a ‘baby’ anymore. That’s a tough transition. We’ve made it a little less stressful with our toddler bed, easing you into these changes by keeping your Little safe and secure. Your crib mattress fits snugly into the walls of the toddler bed top, so no need to budget for yet another single use product.


Storage platform bed

The base of our CG-1 Modular System and a sturdy transitional stepping stone to get you from toddler to full size bed stages, helping your little to experience freedom, but in ‘baby’ steps.

Close to the ground to mitigate those first-time midnight roll-overs, with the security of a familiar space before moving on up to the Big Kid bed.


Toy box topper

Toys, books, crayons, legos everywhere! Avoid the bins, boxes, and crates with our sleek and simple toy box that makes storing ‘all the things’ look good. Pinch-free sliding doors make it easy for big or little hands to both clean up and refuse to clean up, whichever works for you! With plenty of room in the box and bonus extra large drawers below, the play room should be the tidiest on the block…okay maybe not, but we can dream!


The CG-1 Modular System

Meet the new heirloom. Your tough as nails, future hand-me-down for generations to come. Taking the guess work out of buying a safe and comfortable place for your little to lay their head down, we’ve created a one-stop solution to get you from crib to full sized bed. With added storage solutions, the CG-1 is crafted to make parenting a little easier, cleaner, and carefree…well, as much as parenting can be those things.

Build your nest

Rest easy knowing your child’s room is put together on a foundation of safety and trust. Pieces built to last, that will grow with your family, wherever life takes you.

The dresser

The bumpy road

Pregnancy and parenting are hard, it’s a little easier with friends.

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