The CG-1 modular system

Meet the new heirloom. Your tough as nails, future hand-me-down for generations to come. Taking the guess work out of buying a safe and comfortable place for your little to lay their head down, we’ve created a one-stop solution to get you from crib to full sized bed. With added storage solutions, the CG-1 is crafted to make parenting a little easier, cleaner, and carefree…well, as much as parenting can be those things. 

The CG-1 Modular System

From: $1,400.00

Build as you grow or go big and buy all the pieces at once! Your path to a Cocoongoods nursery starts with our Base Storage Unit, then add more top components to suit your needs.

Base Storage Unit / Platform Bed


Crib Top – optional


Toddler Bed Top – optional


Toy Box Top – optional


Full Size Bed Conversion Kit – optional


Product Details

Human centered design

Soft edges for safety and comfort. Carefully considered and built for easy use during those middle of the night wake up calls.

Safe storage

Extra-large storage drawers are pinch-free and perfect for extra bedding, diapers, or hiding everything before the neighbors come over.

Easy clean up

Low maintenance–just wipe it down with a wet cloth, it’s that simple.

You won’t find any

  • Particle Board
  • MDF
  • Dangerous materials
  • Off-gassing finishes
  • Harsh chemicals
  • Fillers or fake stuff, it’s all real

Quality & Trust

Sustainably harvested materials, including both FSC-certified premium hardwood and plywood.

Featured materials

Kiln-dried North American maple and walnut sourced locally to our Central Pennsylvania maker. Both from upcycled resources and suppliers guaranteeing responsible forest management as certified by FSC Chain of Custody documentation.

Positive paints & varnishes

Organic paints and varnishes, produced in South Carolina, that are truly No Worries non-toxic, zero VOC, no odor, and non-latex, ideal for sensitive populations, like babies and post-partum moms


Made in the USA. Built using ethical practices by highly-skilled craftsmen paid and protected under fair labor practices.


Top paint: barely white & midnight black
Base species: maple & walnut


The toddler Bed
54.5” L x 30” D x 22.5” H

Storage unit base
54.5” L x 30” D x 10.75” H

The crib
55″ L x 30.375” D x 39” H

Fits a standard US Crib mattress

The toy box
54.5” L x 30” D x 22.5” H

Full size bed
79.1875” L x 54.875” W x 33.6875” H

Safety first

Approved by a JPMA-certified Third-Party Test Lab, ASTM and CPSC compliant.

Built to last from cocoon to nest


Because life is one grand adventure

Growing up happens. As much as we want our babies to stay little forever, growth is inevitable. The cost of change adds up when you have to buy so many single use products to get you through the different life stages. With our modular design, these pieces can grow with you and adapt to any change that comes your way–whether that’s another addition to the family, or simply a Little becoming a Big. The CG-1 will grow with you.


Made to fit, every time

With state of the art, precision machined pieces, all of our parts will line up, every time. Whether you buy parts of our modular system today or two years from now, you can rely on accurate alignment and easy assembly. Above that, all of our pieces exceed the strictest safety standards. Rest easy (ah, who are we kidding?!), knowing that they’re built, machined, and assembled by master woodworkers from materials that are responsibly and sustainably sourced.


Strong & steady, always

After the crawling, clawing, jumping-on-furniture stages, the CG-1 will show its’ age beautifully. The sweet (and bittersweet) memories made using these products won’t be forgotten, that’s why we’ve built it to last – so that your stories can be told and more can be built for years to come.

Build your nest

Rest easy knowing your child’s room is put together on a foundation of safety and trust. Pieces built to last, that will grow with your family, wherever life takes you.

The dresser

The bumpy road

Pregnancy and parenting are hard, it’s a little easier with friends.

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