ECOS Interior Nursery Wall Paints


ECOS Interior Nursery wall paint is a low sheen, protective finish that dries to a hard, durable film. Ideal for nurseries, this specially designed wall paint will brighten up your baby’s room. It’s also extremely hard wearing and highly washable to withstand the repeated cleanings that are anticipated in a nursery environment.

Arizona StoneBarely AquaBarely WhiteCoastal FogEmuModern BlueSnow GloryStar StuddedWinged Victory

Product Details

Health-focused paint with no hidden ingredients.

Water based, zero VOC, glycol free, antimicrobial free, toxic solvent free alternative.

No traditional paint odor.

Perfect for chemically sensitive populations like babies and expecting moms!

Apply with a good quality roller and/or brush. Two coats are generally required, but dark colors may require three. Allow to dry eight hours between coats. Clean up with water.

Contact us at for a material safety and data sheet or with any questions.

Build your nest

Rest easy knowing your child’s room is put together on a foundation of safety and trust. Pieces built to last, that will grow with your family, wherever life takes you.

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