What is the lead time on out of stock goods?
Occasionally, we may be out of stock of certain items. If you see this designation while shopping, you can expect additional lead time while we restock on these products
Our softgoods collections are limited time collaborations and won’t be re-stocked, so if you fall in love with one of our crib and changer sheets and covers, get it before it’s gone or risk the heartbreak of missing out.
How do I clean my Full Heart Stuffie?

These Lovies can get a little grungy as they are the perfect companion on so many adventures, including sandy beaches and ice cream afternoons. We suggest spot cleaning with water, as the first plan of attack, then progressing to your favorite super diluted wash detergent by hand. If the Stuffie is fully submerged and highly saturated, bunching and shifting is likely to occur in the fill and cover which will affect the overall look and feel of your toy. Make sure that the toy is completely dry before returning back to action. 

Where are Cocoongoods products made?

We are proudly Made In America – it’s the key tenet of our brand. We set out to source our custom designed products from the best makers in the USA. Coincidentally, some of them are located in the hills of Central Pennsylvania, a picturesque area with a great history of making and entrepreneurship. (And tasty chocolates and pretzels, but that’s a story for a different day…) Others are made here with love locally in Savannah in partnership with other Girl Boss women-owned businesses, as we plan to TAKE OVER THE WORLD…..

How do I get my baby to sleep through the night?

Great question! As a Mom, I heartily suggest swaddling baby to reduce startle reflex (and because I just love me a Baby Burrito!) Also, in line with the recommendation of the AAP (American academy of Pediatrics), I recommend in-room sleeping near you for the first year for your peace of mind, on-demand feeding, and lots of sweet memories of soft baby breaths and dreamy closing eyes. (This proximity also makes it easier to share the load with your partner with a swift elbow and “Your turn” grumble.)


Other questions? Send us an email at hello@cocoongoods.com