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Does the product come assembled?

Most of the Cocoongoods furniture product comes in un-assembled, flat packed form, with some exceptions. Our Storage Unit, the base of the CG-1 Modular System, comes fully assembled, with only 4 legs to screw in to the bottom. All of the component Toppers are flat packed and designed for easy assembly with all the hardware necessary included in a bright red bag. Assembly of our Toppers should take no more than 30 minutes, even at 20 weeks pregnant! ( Because who wants to wait!?)

Our CG-1 Dresser also arrives to your door fully assembled, with just the 4 legs to screw into the bottom, ready to complete the nursery.

Easy to follow, large size Assembly Instructions come packed with all your furniture pieces, but you can also download them HERE.

How do I know the product is safe?

You can rest assured that all of the Cocoongoods product line is truly safe, Third-Party tested and certified as conforming to all applicable regulations for safety and hazard directed by the CPSC and ASTM. In fact, Cocoongoods is committed to exceeding the standards set by these governing bodies, and with the intimate knowledge gained from 15 years of juvenile industry experience, we have the insider insight to know exactly where and how to apply our higher quality standards, hand selected materials and top notch finishing to produce the safest product available.

Our finishes were specifically selected based on the manufacturer’s commitment to transparency of ingredients, as their products that we use on our hardgoods feature the highly regarded Declare  label, as well as Health Product Declarations, and are tested to all applicable ASTM standards regarding VOCs , hazardous substances, and allergens. These finishes are also JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturer Association) certified and approved. Nurseries are key areas where the tiniest customers spend a lot of their time, and we want them to have the purest possible environment to grow and flourish – and our paints and finishes are MCS preferred for Multiple Chemical Sensitivities for just that reason. No need to air out the freshly painted nursery or off gas our products!

Can I get a custom finish?

We love the flexibility that our 2 paint and 2 species choices give you to build the nursery of your dreams, but if your Vision Board or Instagram swipe call for something different, contact us at hello@cocoongoods.com and let’s discuss alternative options at a custom price and extended lead time.

Do I need to order the entire system at once?

The CG-1 Modular System is just that, modular! You can plan to purchase additional component Toppers when you need them to fit the developmental stage of your Growing Up Kid. Our components are designed to seamlessly switch out using the same connection holes from Topper to Topper to make life just that much easier whether you’re facing the Terrible Twos or Fearsome Fours and everywhere in between.

What is the lead time on out of stock goods?

Occasionally, we may be out of stock of certain colors or combinations of furniture products. If you see this designation while shopping, you can expect additional lead time while new product is being built into inventory.

Our softgoods collections are limited time collaborations and won’t be re-stocked, so if you fall in love with one of our crib and changer sheets and covers, get it before it’s gone or risk the heartbreak of missing out.

Where are Cocoongoods products made?

We are proudly Made In America – it’s the key tenet of our brand. We set out to source our custom designed products from the best builders and makers in the USA. Coincidentally, many of them are located in the hills of Central Pennsylvania, a picturesque area with a great history of making and entrepreneurship. (And tasty chocolates and pretzels, but that’s a story for a different day…)

How do I get my baby to sleep through the night?

Great question! As a Mom, I heartily suggest swaddling baby to reduce startle reflex (and because I just love me a Baby Burrito!) Also, in line with the recommendation of the AAP (American academy of Pediatrics), I reccommend in-room sleeping near you for the first year for your peace of mind, on-demand feeding, and lots of sweet memories of soft baby breaths and dreamy closing eyes. (This proximity also makes it easier to share the load with your partner with a swift elbow and “Your turn” grumble.)

The bumpy road

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