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Here at Cocoongoods, we love Summer! The sunshine, beach days, school's out activities, and heck, we really love popsicles! In fact, we chose Savannah, Georgia as our home because of its' coastal beauty and 216 days of sunshine per year (sort of a miss on the whole 80% humidity thing, but we'll take it!) However, we know that this is a challenging season for expecting Mamas, families with infants, and care takers of busy wiggly pre-schoolers! Here are some tips and suggestions for dealing with common issues for our community during the crazy days of Summer:

Sun Safety

We all know how important it is to protect our skin and our Littles' from sun exposure and skin damage. Overlay that with your concerns about chemical exposure for infants, irritating side effects like rashes and stinging eyes, as well as just trying to physically GET IT ON YOUR KID! It's our number one challenge for the Summer months, and year round as well. Recently we tried out TropicSport Mineral Sunscreen and have had some great results with this Mineral based, waterproof, and Reef Friendly product for the whole family. Non tacky, absorbed quickly, no irritation for our sensitive-skinned one and effective for long days at the Beach with all the gear known to man. Check 'em out. Kid-Friendly for children 6 months and up: Tropic Sport 

Beach Time - tents, time to go
Before kids, we were pretty minimalist beach goers, but those days are over and while we still travel as light as possible, there are some tools that can really make a Beach Day work with a lot fewer tantrums and meltdowns (and I'm talking 'bout Mom here!) A great tent can give you the space you need to really stake your claim with a shady, private spot for nursing, napping and my fave, the sneaky Mom-time sandy potato chip snacking. Love this option from the Sun Bear Co., made by hand in the USA from recycled fishing nets, and totally lightweight and packable at only 4 pounds. The Sun Bear Co

Baby Wearing
We are huge proponents of safe baby wearing and feel it's a great way to keep baby safe while exploring new environments, whether the Beach, Lake, Mountains or mud hollow. The Bitybean Baby Carrier is a compact, packable, super lightweight option for infants and toddlers over 3 months old and up to 40 pounds, and in multiple positions that are convenient for you and grows with your little through all the developmental stages. Made of quick drying nylon/poly fabrics, the front use position is great for introducing your  Little to the water or comforting one who just isn't into it quite yet. Bitybean Baby Carrier

Pool Safety
Man, who doesn't love a pool day? If you're the parent of a younger Little, it's probably you! Nerve racking, stressful and always-on hours can be no bueno for you and what used to be a kicked-back kind of day. Keeping your eyes on the Little(s) can be easier if you take a team approach and use the power of your Mom crew to trade off the watchful guard dogging in a consistent manner. We came across this handy info graphic with some tips for making it through the day pool side.

Probably the most important element to making it through the dog days of summer is staying hydrated, or hellooooo, heat exhaustion! Stay creative and get your recommended fluids in by trying out some of our favorite hydration supportive products like our number one fave - just drink plain old water! There's lots of easily accessible although conflicting info out there about how much, when , and what to drink, but don't stress about it! Just know you can't go wrong with providing yourself and your little with the convenience of cool, clean, water in a reusable and safe canteen like USA Made Liberty Bottleworks, made from recyclable aluminum in a zero waste facility. 

(And, my foolproof way to get in the fluids? Every time I remember to drink, I go for 10 sips, it gets it done!)

Hydrating snacks
Did you know that 20-25% of your daily hydration should come from food? Great ways to get in those fluids are by snacking on and, ok, offering up cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers of all colors and strawberries. Also, a snack for the ages - frozen sliced watermelon - hugely satisfying and super hydrating, if only somewhat messy- I suggest serving it up in a kiddie pool and you might even get a relaxed pseudo bathtime out of it to boot.

Lactating Moms, hydration is an  important factor in nursing support, so keep on top of your consumption! Although dehydration should not adversely affect your supply, you'll be the one that suffers its' effects - such as chapped lips, headaches, itchy skin and moodiness. How will you know if your lack of energy is due to lack of hydration or just plain old lack of sleep?! There's really no way to know, so you may as well knock out one variable and grab a glass of water! Bonus Mama Points if you do it while nursing!

Healthy treats
So way to bury the lead, but remember those popsicles? A great way to sneak in some hydration is digging into some frozen treats on a stick (because everything is better on a stick, you've been to the County Fair, haven't you?!) While I'm pretty much a sucker for the sound of the Good Humor Truck or the sweet ringing of the Ice Cream Bike, I'd be willing to trade out a bomb pop (or two) for these versions from the folks at Good Pop, a certified B-Corporation (businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose., check the mission out at They make responsibly sourced, cleaned up classic frozen treats that taste REALLY good. Good Pops


Happy Summer everyone!

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