Baby’s First Halloween: 6 Adorable (and Reusable!) DIY Costume Ideas

As if it wasn’t hard enough trying to come up with a clever costume idea for yourself on Halloween, you also have the task of picking just the right getup for your little one.  Have no fear!  We’ve compiled some simple DIY baby costume ideas so you can have a fun and festive Halloween without the headache.  You get bonus points if you can reuse simple basics from your at home stash and get more wear out of those cute and tiny jeans, or extend the life of that Had-to-Have-It hipster coverall.

Here are 5 ideas we LOVE: 

Literature Classics:

Got a few minutes to whip up some painted cardboard baby specs? You can get 2 costumes by starting from a single foundation! The return on (candy) investment is huge here, you can hit up Trunk  or Treat and Daycare Dress Up day with just a small swap out, as well as share the love for two classics of literature with the costumes below. Check out (ha!) the tutorials here and here

baby waldo costumeBaby Harry Potter costume

Baby Astronaut: 

No need to splurge on an expensive space suit for your little one, just invest in statement piece with some sweet coveralls (and plan to hand me down to one of your similarly fashion-forward friends by picking up a pair from our current mama brand crush).  This Baby Astronaut costume comes together quickly and makes a great costume for both boys and girls. Get the tutorial here

Baby astronaut costume


Baby Carrot: 

Lean into our love of (bad) puns and convert baby from the Dirty Dozen side into an organic snack that everyone will love. All you need to start is a basic orange (dare we say organic cotton for the bonus points) onesie and this tutorial.

baby in carrot costume


Princess Leia: 

Star Wars fans will go nuts for this Baby Princess Leia costume that’s all about the wig!  With a few simple items from around the house, you’ll have a little princess who totally kicks butt (and will stay warm if your weather goes blah). Bet you can make this yarn have a double life by upcycling into a cute pompom rug too!  Get the Star Wars fan tutorial here, and soft and fuzzy rug tutorial here

baby princess leia wigpompom rug

 Baby Cow: 

Now, this is a clever use of spare bottle nipples if we’ve ever seen one.  Bottle nipples, a simple white onesie and hat, and some strategically-placed felt create a simple but adorable costume that’s sure to be the talk of Trick-or-Treating. Bonus point to the mama who can figure out how to get a little nonfat organic out of this sucker! Get the tutorial here


Fidget Spinner: 

It’s everyone’s favorite busy hands gadget!  The directions for this one are so simple that you may just want to make one for everyone and hit the town as a fidget spinner family... Avoid the elementary school teachers out there on the trick or treat trails with this one, though; you might get put in the time out box! Grab some upcycled cardboard (thank you for something, Amazon Prime) and get cutting! Get the tutorial here

baby-fidget spinner-costume

There’s no shortage of baby costumes out there, but these are just a few that we love. You don’t have to spend hours creating intricate DIY costumes and you don’t have to spend tons of money on a one-time-only costume when your little has a drawer full of these basics already.  This list is for the mom who likes to work smarter, not harder.  With such quick and simple costume ideas out there, you can spend less time stressing and more time focusing on the fun and festivities of the season with your family.

Happy Halloween, y'all!

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