10 DIY Maternity Costumes that We LOVE

If you're like us, you're a last minute maker, so on this "Almost Eve of Halloween", it's time to bust out some costumes! It’s almost time for trick-or-treating!  As a mom-to-be, it’s probably been tough not to be able to fit into any of your clothes, but Halloween is a great time to have a little fun with your burgeoning baby bump! 

We’ve made this handy guide of simple DIY costumes that you’ll absolutely love, and most of them couldn’t be simpler and easier to recycle!  

Here are our favorites:


Who doesn’t love avocado?  This DIY costume transforms your bump into an avocado pit for simple and adorable Halloween getup that pays tribute to one of our favorite healthy fats.  Get the tutorial here.

woman wearing avocado costume

Prego Spaghetti Sauce:

We love a good pun.  This costume is both simple and totally clever.  It’s guaranteed to get a few laughs and lets you reuse a red dress for a good cause.  Bonus points, you can even carry around your own snack in the form of pizza crust, so no worries about gluten free, yuck-is-that-cauliflower-crust, or waiting in a buffet line! Get the tutorial here.

woman wearing prego costume maternity


Deviled Egg: 

The egg on its own is already pretty adorable, with its baby bump yolk, but with the simple edition of some devil horns, it becomes both hilarious and totally precious all at once.  This costume is sure to delight everyone at your next Halloween soiree. You could even stick with upcycling a white shirt for the ever so delicious egg white fry-up for those "Heavy on the Protein" Mamas-to-Be Check out the tutorial here.

woman wearing a deviled egg costume pregnant

 Kool-Aid (Wo)Man:

This costume is super simple, super comfortable, and will definitely have everyone at the costume party shouting “Oh yeah!” in approval.  Bonus points here for those preggos who dare to crash through a wall with it on! Get the tutorial here.

pregnant woman in kool aid costume

Gum Ball Machine:

This is one of those that is so darn clever and simple that it leaves you thinking “Now, why didn’t I think of that?”  It’s both unique, easy to create, and gives you a reason to pick up a red maxi skirt with a soft stretchy waist which will definitely be your go-to in that Fourth Trimester!.  Get the tutorial here.

pregnant woman wearing a gumball machine costume

Soccer Ball:  

This one is actually done with some simple body paints.  Draw a simple soccer ball on your bump for a minimalist Halloween costume.  Not a soccer fan?  Experiment with the colors to create a basketball, globe, etc.  There’s no limit to your creativity!  Get the non-toxic body paints here.

pregnant belly painted as soccer ball

Wilson the Volleyball: 

True movie buffs will appreciate this costume.  All it takes is a simple white tank top and some paint or marker, and you’ve got a costume you can be proud of.  Add a simple wig, t-shirt-and Fed-Ex box, and you’ve got a killer couple’s costume, Dad Bod included! (Because you nkow he's already rocking those cargo shorts every weekend as it is!)  No instructions needed, just a red sharpie!

castaway costume for couples

There you have it, Mama!  This is a great time of year to take a crawl through your closet and let your creativity shine.  Even if you’re not terribly crafty, these costumes are super simple and will come together easily, even for the most novice DIY-er.  Happy Halloween!

Here's wishing y'all a Happy Halloween! (Save the Milky Way Darks for me, please!)

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